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Weeks of planning and leg-work culminated in the unforgettable ‘festival of childhood’on 26th January 2008. The morning was devoted to a panel discussion on "Corporate NGO partnerships for Child Welfare: Alliances for the future" The participants were Samarthanam, Dream-a-Dream and SBHR for the NGO sector and Philips for the corporate sector. Presentations were followed by free-ranging discussions.

The afternoon built up the festive atmosphere with the entry of the NGO children (about 80 of them from Makkale Jagriti, Helpline Charitable Trust and Asha Kiran) and witnessing their enthusiasm and happiness when they participated in the games and attended the story-telling sessions was more than enough reward for us.

The students managed to collect Rs 1, 20,000/- as a result of these efforts which was distributed to five designated organizations working with children.

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