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Sahayog, a MBA student group involves itself in community services. The Business Management, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology Management and MMS students form the core group of this initiative. Sahayog inculcates a sense of social responsibility among the student community in SIESCOMS. This is done by organizing events in the college such as clothes donation, blood donation, environment awareness, fund raising programs, talks by social entrepreneurs, visits to NGOs and the like on a regular basis. It provides a platform to students to give back to the society. Sahayog also organizes debates, discussions and competitions on social issues to enable students to understand the realities existing in our society and to reflect on it.

There have been continuous efforts towards achieving the mission to bring compassion among the students community on social and developmental issues. Initially it started by facilitating projects in NGOs to students interested to get involved with NGOs on a long term basis. In the first year of starting this initiative, there were 7 students who undertook summer internship projects with NGOs. They found the experience very fulfilling. One of the students Heemanshu Midde worked for NGOs Ruchika and Vikramshila on developing their management information systems says “This project has not only given me an opportunity to apply the management skills I have learnt for NGOs, but has also helped me develop a number of other skills.”

Many students were interested to work on projects with NGOs; but most felt the need to have both a corporate exposure and an experience of working in NGOs during their summer internship period. In order to cater to this need, from this year the institute has initiated a 2 week project work in NGOs for all the students of PGDM. A group of 5 -6 students will be assigned an NGO and in 2 week’s time they need to deliver a quality output for the NGO. The whole process is streamlined, starting with an induction process, allocation of projects, identifying mentors and framing of robust mechanism for monitoring and evaluation. Students will be graded for their project based on the inputs given by the NGO.

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