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Seva Mela organized by CIOSA is was an expression of joy of service to humanity by bringing together social workers, corporate, volunteers, schools and colleges under one roof. CSIM plays an active role in organizing many activities during the Seva mela.

The students of CSIM organized the Seva Mall. The stalls in the malls gave an unique learning experience to the visitors. Each stall in the mall were assigned to three students, who took the responsibility of bringing in participants, and decorating the stalls with facts and figures relevant to the issues addressed in the stall.

The social issues that visitors were sensitized about were:

  1. Visual impairment
  2. Hearing impaiment
  3. Transgenders
  4. Children from marginalized communities
  5. Old age
  6. Potential of SHGs

The themes for the stalls were as follows –

Paati vaidhiyam & D’aging – A group of Grannies shared traditional remedies for simple cures with the visitors at the mall. They gave the youngsters tips on remaining both physically and mentally healthy.

Palanguzhi – Visitors had the opportunity to play traditional games like palanguzhi daayam etc with grannies and also listen to interesting stories and anecdotes from them.

The grannies who participated in the mall were residents of Vishranthi Oldage home

Positive frames – Children and youngsters visiting the mall could join in a drawing competition with a few children who had come from an NGO - Nalmanam.

Invisible words – To understand the intricacies involved in using Braille, a few visually impaired people taught the visitors how to read using Braille.

Grandmaster vs Savant Play – Vistors had the unique opportunity to play chess with visually challenged. Every visitor who played against them were astounded at the expertise exhibited by their opponent.

Mr Chezian, a visually impaired student of CSIM, organized his friends to participate in the mall.

Hushed movie – To experience the world of the hearing impaired, movies were screened without volume in a mini theatre. This unique experience of watching such movies with a few hearing impaired students, from Ajay memorial school, had the visitors dumfounded.

Non profit market – A few SHG groups sold the products made by their group members. Home made balms, jams, juices, curry powders, etc were a hit at the sale.

Cosmic Children – Students from Pudhiyadhor, Oorapakkam, who belong to the traditional soothsayers’ family came attired in traditional robes and read the palms & faces of the visitors. Their accurate predictions were well received by the visitors and it was a stall that attracted a large number of visitors.

Traditional Transgenders – To understand the psyche of Transgenders, Lakshmi, a student of CSIM, made a short documentary explaining the problems faced by the transgender due to the stigma they face in society. Individual interactions with the transgender students – Dhanam, Viji & Ponraj, - facilitated the visitors to understand the needs of the transgender community.

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