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  • Socially conscious individuals who would like to work in the development sector
  • Heads of NGOs/ Social enterprises
  • Staff of NGOs/ Social enterprises, support agencies operating at national and international level
  • Persons who have opted for retirement with an ambition to work with/start development programmes
  • Individuals involved in community action groups and civil society organisations
  • NGO Volunteers
  • Those engaged in education and the raising of awareness about development and justice

Learning Outcomes

If you plan to launch
a Social Enterprise

  • Crystallize your social change idea, focus upon detailing for action
  • Get started with appropriate inputs on legal requirements
  • Help in networking and connecting with resources useful in kick starting your organization

If you are a volunteer

  • Develop skills to partner with social enterprises on a long term basis with the intention of making an impact
  • Develop an understanding of challenges faced by Social Enterprises
  • Become an active partner, seeking and driving performance standards in places where you volunteer

If you are working with
a Social Enterprise

  • Develop the aptitude to look at the macro picture of your organization
  • Help you grow beyond functional limitations
  • Result in professional development-become well informed about changing trends in the social sector

If you are a founder of
a Social Enterprise

  • Pause, reflect and refocus priorities
  • Identify strategic solutions
  • Identify newer avenues and resources for the development of the organization
  • Take the organization to the next level of growth
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