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Deen alias S. Deenadayalan, as he is affectionally called, works with the less privileged and enjoys in growing them to extraordinary talents with the help of his team. His team's extensive research on Grass root hiring resulted in a new business model – "Under Hire for Over Performance" in varied leading Indian corporates and Multinationals.

Tapping Native intelligence who have no rubber stamps or great schooling back ground is a great asset and raw natural talent, who can become "EXTRA-ORDINARY" is the need of the hour to build aspirational growth. Hence Deen says "No Blue or White Collar" but only career Collars. He has no shame to admit he failed in 9th Std and PUC in Tamil and Physics and that is the reason he is advocating mother tongue value. His forte is in TEI ( TOTAL EMPLOYEE INVOLVMENT) -WITH HIGH DEGREE OF OWNERSHIP TO CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS

HR should build and not buy and "Talent Customization" results in higher productivity, personal growth and Social Citizenry.

He prides in saying he is a Failed Student - and remains unsuited for the Educated Crowd (both in dressing and in action) – and more suited for the less rubberstamped talents.

He Founded CEO (Customer, Employees, Owner or Organization) in 1998 and over twenty years and his teams have impacted organizations like, GE, Corning, Saint Gobain, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Mondelez(Cadburys), TE Connectivity, Kellogg's. Isuzu. Visteon, Kobe, Jabil, Busana Apparel, Dry Redddy's, Granules, Strides Pharma, Lupin, Alembic, Indian Immunological, Tire Majors like CEAT, Apollo, Sri Chakra Tyres, Automobile giants like Ashok Leyland, Tata Marco Polo, TVS, Maruti and other major Industries like Cavin Kare, Suguna Foods, Sterlite, Tegutech, Indofil, Raychem RPG, KEC Electric, Himatsingka, EID Parry, Indo National are few clients who can speak for CEO

His graduation is from the bottom of the pyramid leaders in Mettur Beardsell, NTTF, Titan, ITC and DuPont. He had a short stint in your organization Fenner in Madurai

His "Unlearning journey" started in DuPont and his rubber stamps came from Sociology Dept, Annamalai University, Law degree from Madras Law College and PG from Madras School of Social Work and would like to surrender all the paper degrees.

His Team perfected the "Learn, Earn and Grow" model and more than 25000 people have benefited from the Municipal Schools of India and nearly 5000 of them have grown beyond imagination and the Zero to Hero stories indicate the power of bottom of the Pyramid not only India but in Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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