• A learning hub for social entrepreneurs

  • Facilitating transparency and professionalism among NGOs

  • Incubating social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs

  • Celebrating change agents through publications

  • Fundraising opportunities for NGOs

  • An equitable world through social entrepreneurship

Who we are?

Centre for Social Initiative & Management (CSIM) has been a pioneer in Social Entrepreneurship training in India since 2000 and has enabled several charity-based organisations and individuals to adopt entrepreneurial approaches in furthering social causes.

CSIM has trained and mentored 3000+ aspiring social entrepreneurs and helped 200+ social entrepreneurs establish their organization through support and mentorship programs.

Currently, CSIM is offering courses in Social Intrapreneurship for employees in Corporate Houses to equip them with the tools needed to conceive and implement sustainable initiatives that enhance their business and social value within their organisations.

Our Mission

To be a learning hub for social change agents and enable them to ideate and implement their social change ideas / enterprises.


Connect with CSIM to

  • Enrol in a course in social entrepreneurship
  • Promote social intrapreneurship within your organisation
  • Understand the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in India
  • Feature unsung social change agents
  • Collaborate for funding opportunities

Creating an Equitable World Through Social Entrepreneurship - The CSIM way

Courses in Social Entrepreneurship
Facilitating Social Intrapreneurship
Awareness on SE for College Students
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Celebrate the Work of SE through Publications
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Networking with NGOs (CIOSA)

Our Programs

All Activities of CSIM are targeted in building the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in India through our multi pronged approach.

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Differently abled change agents


Individuals launched new social enterprises across Tamil Nadu on completion of the course


NGO staff implemented new strategies in their organizations



Transgender entrepreneurs started 6 social enterprises


NGOs are adopting social entrepreneurial practices in Tamil Nadu.


Socially conscious individuals oriented to the concept of social entrepreneurship