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"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." -Andre Gide

An alumnus of NIT Surat and the University of Illinois at Chicago, he brings multi-dimensional experiences from his two decades of professional experience at global multinational companies in the US and India in the Telecommunications industry. During his professional journey, he built teams from scratch more than once. A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt from Motorola and a mentor, he led transitions, delivery of first-of-its-kind products, transformations, and re-engineering programs.

Treading uncharted waters in past five years, arising from personal experiences, he has added a new dimension as the interface between Future of Ageing & Future World of Work, Social Changemaker, Navigator of Ageing Experiences and most recently as a Social Intrapreneur.

What started as a passion is now a mission. He is on a quest to disrupt the ageing experiences and inspire generations to visualize longevity dividend as an opportunity. His vision is to help individuals 50 years and better connect with their passion, challenge the status quo through innovative engaging solutions.

He is the co-Founder of DOBARA – a not for profit organization. He focuses on eliminating the risk factors resulting in Loneliness and Isolation of Older Persons.

As a Social Intrapreneur with the Centre of Social Initiatives and Management, he is part of the core team focussed on bringing social innovation, social value creation to help prepare socially-minded intrapreneurs and professionals.

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